What is the difference between wireless and Bluetooth headsets and true wireless Bluetooth headsets?


Difference 1. Different service life

Wired headsets can be used for a long time if they are well preserved.

The service life of wireless Bluetooth headsets depends on the service life of the battery.

If the battery cannot be used, the Bluetooth headset cannot be used.

Difference 2. Different user experience

Wired headsets have a poor experience in daily life.

They must be connected close to the smart phone, and only the headset and phone can be connected to them.

The Bluetooth wireless headset has a very good experience and can only be used when fully charged. very convenient.

Now, in order to avoid the trouble of daily charging, the Bluetooth headset is equipped with a charging box and two ears for easy use.

Difference 3: different audio signal stability

Wireless earphones are rechargeable, and there is not enough endurance, and there is no wire connection,

the audio signal is unstable compared with the answering cable, and the sound quality is worse than the cable.

However, the version of the Bluetooth headset protocol has been updated, and the sound quality and audio stability have been greatly improved.