A brief history of headphones


5 minutes to take you to understand the modern history of headphones.Speaking of the brief history of headsets, there are many things that have to be mentioned, just like the story of DT48 and the little granddaughter of Baia. DT48 may imitate the headset of Western Electric, but the conversion method is changed to a dynamic coil, and the headset design of Western Electric is a personal design of an American I bought.

Many products are basically born because of work needs, or even war needs, but the real development mainly depends on civilian production. Just like some brands can swallow the elephant because of the strong civilian foundation. Many high-end brands are used by civilian brands. Just like the birth of earphones, they are used by operators. I probably saw that the weight is really scary. The manual workers of all ages are quite hard. The young people who burn earphones study hard and their knowledge changes. fate.

It will be a few years later that there will be civilian models. At that time, European aristocrats liked to hold things. Is it for elegance? With glasses, I also like to hold it by hand. I feel that this design is very good to hold the nose, so that the eyes are not overworked. The headset handheld design is estimated to prevent damage to the hairstyle? It is estimated that this gadget was also consumed by aristocrats.

The European headphone giants are actually fighting quite fiercely. Senhai also built a system to carry the audio on his shoulders. AKG's design is still taking it to the next level. I guess Gaussian pp is a bit of a reference to this design. K1000 is probably known to all enthusiasts, but this design is also beautiful and tight now. Although AKG did not engage in static electricity to match Orpheus, it has achieved a new level of dynamics. Comparing static electricity is really not just like it is now all by blowing. I believe it touched the ears of many people. Contending of a hundred schools of thought is good, innovation is good, and homogenization is not good. For example, now the tuning of headphones is more and more similar. Of course, innovation is more about individuals, not institutions, after all, institutions are chasing profits.

On the other hand, with the demand for stage monitoring, the moving iron unit originally used for hearing aids began to enter people’s field of vision. It was small, concealed, well resolved, and soundproofed. American brands began to develop it for ordinary people in noisy environments. music. Share (not much introduction, everyone is too clear), Etymotic (in-depth study of acoustics, Etymotic realization makes small earbuds comparable to the top dynamic headphones at the time), Weston (30 years of acoustic research Experience, creating many classic models) and so on.