Classic wooden earphone with elegant temperament


Dongguan Xinliang has been serving consumers with outstanding innovative thinking. Recently, two kinds of earphones with wood as the main body are skillfully designed and full of classical and elegant atmosphere. At the same time, it can satisfy consumers' classical and elegant psychology. At the same time, it should be noted that the wooden earphone is different from the traditional earphone, which does not have the phenomenon of plastic aging, and its physical properties are relatively stable. Therefore, compared with the traditional earphone, it is more environmentally friendly, has no environmental pollution and chemical hazards to human body, and is close to nature, which ensures the intimate and comfortable music life of "love music" people.

Woodpods I: simple appearance, rich and colorful lines, good texture with polished and waxed wood surface

Woodpods II: small and fashionable appearance, FSC certification and high quality sound quality

The wooden inner cavity structure of the two earphones makes them much better than the traditional earphones of the same type in terms of sound quality performance:

1. Treble part: the wooden inner wood grain structure of the wooden earphone, together with the metal front cavity, can give full play to the high-frequency part of the trumpet, making the high-frequency part of the music clearer and clearer.

2. Midrange part: the wooden cavity of the wooden earphone can absorb the extra sub tone produced by the speaker working, which can make the mid frequency sound effect of the speaker more concentrated and make the middle tone of the earphone more accurate and bright.

3. Bass part: the balanced wood of the wooden earphone cavity can easily resonate with the sound wave magnetic field, making the bass part more deep, thick and powerful.