Dynamic iron earphone has been on fire for so long. Do you really know it?


In my opinion, the dynamic iron earphone is really recognized by the public consumers, and it is really thanks to Xiaomi and 1More. Although we hold a conservative attitude towards the voice performance of 1More dynamic iron earphone from the beginning to now, there is no doubt that with the supply chain and low price of 1More, plus Xiaomi's marketing strategy and long established marketing network, the concept of Dynamic iron earphone has really entered ordinary people's homes. Maybe you're using a hybrid balanced armature headset, but do you really understand its structure and advantages, as well as its related history? Today, I'd like to talk about the experience of dynamic iron earphone.

What are dynamic iron earphones?

As the name suggests, dynamic iron earphone is the product of dynamic unit and iron unit. Different from the multi action iron unit earphone and the dual / three unit dynamic earphone, the combination of the two units with different structures means that the designers should have a deeper understanding and requirements in the unit selection, cavity design and frequency division technology. Before we understand the characteristics of the dynamic earphone, we should take the trouble to learn the difference between the iron earphone and the dynamic earphone.

What is the difference between dynamic earphone and iron earphone?

Dynamic earphone: its principle is similar to ordinary loudspeaker. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the driving of signal current. Due to the diaphragm vibration, the sound is more natural and loose, and has the inherent advantage of frequency response range.

Iron earphone: different from the coil diaphragm structure of the dynamic earphone, the iron earphone is a kind of earphone which transmits to the center point of a micro diaphragm through a precise connecting rod, so as to generate vibration and sound. Due to the smaller unit size,iron earphone can bring wider frequency response range and more delicate sound through combination and frequency division.

The advantages and disadvantages of dynamic earphones and iron earphones are obvious. Manufacturers' cognition of cavity structure and frequency divider gives the opportunity to combine the two units. Once it can be successfully combined, it can not only have high sound density, excellent analytical power and clear line sense, but also obtain the excellent low-frequency performance of dynamic earplug, as well as the excellent atmosphere. It can be said that dynamic iron earplug is the best combination of sound quality and musical sense. With the popularization of high-quality non-destructive music, it is more conducive to the majority of consumers to enjoy the high-quality playback effect and experience the beauty of rhyme.