Five types of wireless Bluetooth headsets, which one is right for you?


For a lazy person who's used to wireless Bluetooth headphones, it's probably hard to go back to wired headphones.Of course, Bluetooth headsets are frowned upon by enthusiasts, and they certainly don't sound as good as wired headsets, let alone Hi-fi.But for most mobile phone users, the word "convenience" is enough to persuade many to forgo a bit of sound quality in favor of the thrill of pulling and twisting the headphone cables.

So, there are more and more Bluetooth earphones on the market.Before choosing a specific product, you should know.There are currently five types of Bluetooth headsets: headsets, traditional in-ear headsets, the newly emerged necklace headsets, two-ear independent, and bone-conducting headsets that have been reinvented by various sports enthusiasts.Just read this article.

  1. Headphone

Pros: Large volume, so it can accommodate more functions, as well as...The battery.If the ratio of noise reduction, sound quality, endurance and such hard indicators, there is a strong competitiveness.

Cons: Big and heavy, not everyone likes to have their ears wrapped, especially in summer...You know.

  1. In ear earphone

Pros: at present the most mature product, can meet the vast majority of people's needs.

Cons: The connection between the ears of some products can sometimes rub your neck. Don't ask me how I know.

  1. Necklace earphone

Pros: Compared with the ordinary in-ear headphones, they are more varied in shape, more powerful in function and longer in battery life. Moreover, the price is not more expensive than the ordinary in-ear headphones of the same type

Cons: If the neckline is poorly designed, running or even fast walking will tilt to one side.

  1. Independent earphones

Pros: Completely free of any headphone cable constraints, the true sense of "wireless headphones."

Cons: Anxious battery life and more or less problematic connection stability for most products.

  1. Bone conduction earphone

Pros: Perfect double listening experience without breaking your ears.

Cons: Too sporty. Bone conduction headphones may not be the first choice for people who don't like them, although they're fine for everyday use.