How to choose a TWS true wireless headset with good sound quality?


How to choose a TWS true wireless headset with good sound quality? Due to the small size of the TWS headset,it is different from other audio products. There are basically 4 factors that determine the TWS headset.

1.Headphone unit. 2. Chip, 3. Transmission protocol. 4. Wearing mode.

1. The mainstream of TWS headphone units are moving coil units of about 6mm. A small part adopts full frequency moving iron unit. As for the dual-unit or ring iron design, it is rare to teach because of its large size. Generally speaking, the low frequency of moving coil is better than moving iron, and the high frequency and resolution of moving iron are better than moving coil. The sound quality of the moving coil unit varies greatly according to the design of the diaphragm and the magnetic circuit, so it is generally difficult to understand the actual difference from the text/picture. It is recommended that the actual audition is the main.

2. The current mainstream chip solutions include Qualcomm, JL,AIROHA etc.

3.Bluetooth transmission protocol, TWS due to bandwidth limitations, so LDAC, aptX HD are not currently used in TWS, even Qualcomm's QCC5121/24 can not support. Huawei has TWS that supports HWA. I personally estimate that it uses the lowest transmission rate in HWA, which is equivalent to aptX. Therefore, there are currently three mainstream TWS, SBC, AAC, and aptX. The worst sound quality is SBC, and the best is aptX.

4. Wearing methods. There are currently two mainstream TWS types, one is the non-ear type (that does not require a silicone sleeve) represented by airpods, and the in-ear type (equipped with a silicone sleeve to plug into the ear canal). Because the in-ear type can isolate external noise and prevent air leakage, it has a better bass effect. So under the same conditions, the in-ear sound quality is better.

The first wooden product of the mind, woodpods true wireless in-ear earplugs, adopts an in-ear design, supports aptX, uses airoha chips, and the drive unit is a 6mm ring iron unit. The sound quality is not the best among TWS headsets, but it is really difficult to find a rival within 300 yuan. It is currently on the market in Alibaba for hot sales.