How to store and organize headphones


The three main killers of headset life are: strong external force, wire metal fatigue, and chemical external force.With regard to strong external forces, the most common ones are pulling, dragging, and beating. Excluding the factors that caused the couple to quarrel and throw something, these behaviors are often caused by carelessness, and the result is often different degrees of damage to the earphones from the structure to the inside. Usually, you should develop good habits when using the earphones. Take care to protect it.In particular, it needs to be reminded: try not to wear earphones to sleep, because humans turn over many times a night during sleep, it is very easy to form unintentional pulling and damage the earphones.

Wire metal fatigue is also a common problem. The reason is that many people over wrap and bend excessively when the earphones are stored, which leads to the metal fatigue of the wire. In fact, the earphone storage only needs to remember the "natural evacuation" of the four-character formula and put it into an appropriate storage container. The various complicated and tight wire winding methods on the Internet are purely misleading.

Chemical external force: The simplest example is to put the headphones on the balcony for a long time in the sun, or accidentally fall into the water. These conditions will cause damage to the earphone diaphragm and other components to varying degrees. During the maintenance process of the earphones, do not leave them in strong light, high heat, extremely cold or too dry and humid places for a long time. In addition, sweat can also corrode the wire. It is recommended to wipe it off with paper towels after exercising with headphones.

In addition, there are three points to note:

1.Try to keep the headphones away from strong magnetic fields.

2.Try not to use headphones for a long time at high volume, as this will damage your hearing.

3.Keep the packing box and the proof of purchase. Don't do it yourself once there is a problem. It is reasonable to look for the sale first. After all, the maintenance of the original factory is king.

In addition, for expensive headphones, it is recommended to purchase a suitable storage bag/box (of course, if you have it, it is better to use your own storage box). You can purchase a headphone holder for commonly used large headphones to provide better protection.Like our company’s woodbuds VII small wooden earphones use a PVC bag, which is simple and stylish in appearance, can prevent entanglement, can effectively protect the earphones, and is easy to carry.