The principle of noise canceling headphones(part 2)


I believe that many friends have innovative sound cards, and the innovative sound card comes with a recording software called "Smart Recorder". This recording software has a noise analysis function. Before recording, it will use a microphone to analyze the environment.

simply put,

It is a noise sampling process. This is also one of the methods for professional audio processing software to effectively remove continuous and stable background noise. The principle is that after sampling the noise waveform samples, the waveform and sampling noise samples of the entire material are analyzed in the later processing to automatically remove the noise.

After the noise signal is sampled, Smart Recorder analyzes and saves the sampled signal. After recording the human voice, Smart Recorder will call the saved sample file to remove the environmental noise in the human voice signal. The noise reduction process of recording software is exactly the same as that of noise reduction headphones.

Finally, we hope to pay attention to the correct use of noise reduction earphones

1. The volume should not be too loud. Generally speaking, it is better to be able to hear clearly and feel comfortable with the ears.          

2. The single listening time should not be too long. It's best to have a rest for a while. A kind of

3. Do not deliberately choose a noisy environment to experience noise reduction earphones. Because the higher the noise, the higher the volume needed to eliminate the noise, and the stimulation to the ear will be aggravated.

4. Do not use noise reduction earphones in outdoor activities (such as cycling, driving, walking across the road), after all, personal safety should be put in the first place.