New fields of biodegradable plastic environmental protection materials.


In order to prevent the impact of plastic waste, biodegradable plastics are considered to be a feasible and cost-effective solution. The growth of the market is driven by consumers' awareness of climate change and marine debris, as well as traditional plastic use regulations.Dongguan Xinliang Company began to develop this field, using environmentally friendly materials for earphones.

Our company used degradable biodegradable plastics in the production of earphone shells and package to replace ordinary plastic materials to reduce environmental impact and damage since 2019.

The main raw materials used are as follows:

1, Real wood and bamboo

2, Recycled plastic: RPET

3, Biodegradable plastics: PLA,PBS,PBAT,PVA,CPLA,PCL,PSM

4, Degradable plastic: Wheat Straw plastic