The development of earphone


Because they are too close to themselves, they are ignored. Headphones are such a product. In real life, we can see earphones everywhere, such as at home, outdoors, all kinds of English listening tests, etc. From the invention to the present, earphone is developing with the progress of science and technology.

With the development of time, earphone products from the first two small speakers hanging in the ear has gradually become mature. There have been a lot of changes in the types of headphones, the way they are worn, and even the core pronunciation unit. The earliest earphones were the two articulation units attached to the ear. Many kinds of earphones have been developed, including earphones, earplugs, ear hooks and newly developed bone conduction earphones. Headphones are the earliest type of headphones.

Earplug is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of earphone. Its smaller size makes it very convenient to use outside. Due to the development of the city, the environmental noise is becoming more and more serious. In ear earplug is a breakthrough of earplug products, which is more suitable for outdoor use.

Ear hook can be regarded as an intermediate product of earphone and earplug. The characteristics of ear hook neutralize the advantages and disadvantages of earphone and earplug, which belongs to a kind of product with unclear characteristics. However, as far as wearing is concerned, ear hook is very beautiful. Bone conduction earphone is a relatively new technology, which uses the vibration principle to transmit sound directly to the hearing center through the skull. However, this product has not yet become popular, whether it can bring a revolutionary breakthrough to headphones is still unclear. Due to the different uses of earphones, the types of earphones are gradually enriched. The types of headphones can be roughly divided into open, closed and semi open.

Generally speaking, open type earphones have natural listening feeling and comfortable wearing. The comfort mentioned here is that there is no stuffy and hot feeling, and it is commonly used in home appreciation of hifi earphones. The sound can leak out, on the contrary, the external sound can also be heard. The earphone has less pressure on the ear.

There are no strict regulations for semi open headphones. The sound can only be in or out, and the design can be adjusted according to the needs of use.The earmuff of the closed earphone adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent the external sound from entering, and has a greater sense of pressure on the ear, and the sound positioning is accurate and clear. This structure is often used in professional monitoring field. Some closed earphones have the sound field of open headphones, which can keep high quality sound while isolating noise,

With the development of headphones, the most important voice unit is still the dynamic voice unit. After so many years of development, the dynamic headphone technology has been very mature, but it has also encountered a bottleneck in sound improvement. In addition to electrostatic earphones, there are many derivative technologies of dynamic voice unit, among which the most widely used is the moving iron voice unit.

Moving iron pronunciation unit is to use the electromagnet to generate alternating magnetic field. The vibrating part is an iron plate suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the electromagnetic field will change, so that the iron plate vibrates and sounds. The advantages are long service life and high efficiency. The disadvantage is large distortion and narrow frequency response. It is commonly used in early telephone receiver. This technology is mainly used in earplugs nowadays. Because the moving iron unit is much smaller than the moving coil unit, many high-end earplugs have two or even three moving iron pronunciation units, and the sound performance of each frequency band is excellent.

The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates (stators). The earphone must use a special amplifier to convert the audio signal into a voltage signal of hundreds of volts,

Although electrostatic earphones have various advantages, the technology of this kind of pronunciation unit is still in the hands of a few manufacturers. The basic price of electrostatic earphones on the market is more than 10000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that China's headphone enthusiasts, Winny developed China's first set of electrostatic headphones, which has become a milestone in the development history of China's headphones.

The development of headphones is moving towards wireless and noise reduction. With the development of science and technology, wireless transmission technology gradually matures, which ensures the sound quality of wireless headset. Another reason is the popularity of mobile phone music function and the birth of Bluetooth wireless transmission technology. Bluetooth wireless headset is developing rapidly.

With the increasingly serious noise pollution in the city, using ordinary earphone earplugs outdoors can only increase the volume to cover the noise. As a result, not only can't enjoy the wonderful music, but also has a great impact on your listening. The appearance of noise reduction earphone solves this problem very well.