The wooden phone case is different from each other


In fact, objectively speaking, the mobile phone case has become a kind of adornment culture. It is expensive, such as Tang Yan's LV mobile phone case, and cheap, such as Fan Bingbing's "crazy animal city" rabbit case. In fact, you don't have to stand in line. If you like to wear a cover, you can buy a beautiful one, right?

Of course, if you want to be unique, you can't choose general mass production products. Although limited edition is good, it is usually very expensive. Is there any one that is cheap and unique? Take a retro wooden case, like the woodcase shell.

Yes, the biggest feature of this case is wood, and it's all handmade. You should know that each tree has a unique wood grain, which is equivalent to human fingerprints, so it will not duplicate.

Different people have different opinions on this matter. Some people like it very much, while others hate it.

The design team is also very particular about the selection of wood, including walnut, cherry, maple, bamboo, red sandalwood, etc. each piece is unique. After 46 processes, all of them are completed by hand from material selection, cutting, soaking treatment, grinding and painting, with full sincerity.

Although there is no charging, waterproof and other features, the woodcase case shell has outstanding details. Its interior has superfine fiber made of material to prevent the phone from wearing; it adopts the upper and lower split structure, which is easier to install and dismantle; the front of the shell is designed with anti falling buffer frame, and the thickness of 3.3mm will not have too much burden.

Wood color, texture, and unique wood grain make woodcase very eye-catching in a ticket of plastic shell, and the price is not too expensive. You can try it.