The woody wind is coming, and the wooden earphone products are eye-catching


Guangzhou HIFI Headphones and Digital Audio Exhibition is not only a festival for enthusiasts, but also a grand event for industry stakeholders to discuss cooperation and exchanges. Representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers and retailers in major cities will gather together. When people are tired of the same metallic texture of audio products, what else can arouse new interest? The answer is wood. The wooden earphone products of the mind have been known for their woody style. The retro appearance and the design of the reference amplifier make it stand out among many wood earphone brands. This time, I also brought you a variety of wood earphone products. The beautiful appearance attracted everyone to stop and listen.

1.Woodbuds VI


Battery capacity:50mAh

Speaker:Brass 10MM

Working distance:10m

Using time:4hours

Standby time:170 hours

Charging time:1.5 hours Cable : Hemp rope braided wire

Color: Cherry wood、Maple wood、Safflower pear wood

2.Woodbuds VII


Battery capacity:85mAh

Speaker:Brass 10MM

Working distance:10m

Using time:7.5 hours

Standby time:300 hours

Charging time:2.5 hours

Color: Cherry wood、Maple wood、Safflower pear wood

3.Woodbuds I


Speaker:10 mm

Connectors:3.5 mm

Resistance:32 Ohm

Ear shell material:Cherry wood,walnut,bamboo

The only one of wooden earphones, welcome everyone to come to understand.