What is the stethoscope effect of headphones? The way to overcome it


What is stethoscope effect?

If you have worn a stethoscope, you will feel something. Whether it is the stethoscope head or the pipeline touching objects, there will be a very unpleasant rustle. The sound is loud and uncomfortable. This is the stethoscope effect.

And in the headphones, this phenomenon is actually more common, so that many players are very distressed. For in ear earphones, the stethoscope effect is more prominent because it is more closely connected with the ear canal and the wire is harder.

Baidu Encyclopedia gives a scientific explanation:

Stethoscope effect is a kind of noise generated by external collision or air friction at the ear plug line or unit, which is directly transmitted to the ear canal through the ear plug line. It is named after similar doctors wearing stethoscope to hear sound.

How did it come into being?

At this time, many friends who use the original earphone may jump out. Is the stethoscope effect really so big? In fact, this shows the problem. Generally, the original earphone of mobile phone is earplug type, and the wire is generally very soft, so the stethoscope effect is very weak, but its sound quality performance is really not flattering.The better the wire, the harder the stethoscope effect

For those relatively high-end in ear earphones, they have good sound insulation, good sound quality and no leakage. In addition, good wires are usually hard, which can better protect the copper wire inside, which leads to their stethoscope effect becoming more prominent.

So did you get to the point? In ear + hard wire is an important factor leading to stethoscope effect.

So how to avoid it?

Now that we have found the root of the problem and how it works, it's easy to find a solution. Because it's the wire pot that causes the stethoscope effect, we'd better find a way to fix the wire. For example, use an ear hook or clip, or artificially shorten the length of the earphone cable (knot) to make it tighter.

In fact, these methods are to improve the swing of wire rod by physical means, so as to reduce the stethoscope effect. In addition, we can fix the cable by going through the back cable. Of course, your earphone cable should be long enough. It also helps to relieve the auscultation effect and is not easy to pull the wire.

In addition, memory sponge earmuffs, also known as "C sets", can not only provide comfortable wearing and more hearing, but also help to improve the stethoscope effect. However, wearing this kind of earmuff for a long time always has the feeling that the ear is full, and the air permeability is not good, and it is easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria when wearing it for a long time.

Is there a more effective solution? Especially for people who often run, long wire is really an inharmonious existence. In fact, for such a requirement, we suggest that you choose a pair of Bluetooth enabled true wireless headset. Without the comfort of wire, everything will be smoother naturally. And now Bluetooth headset is really not expensive, you are worth having.