What is TWS Bluetooth earphone?


The most popular Bluetooth earphone in the market in recent years is TWS Bluetooth earphone. What is TWS earphone? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TWS earphone? Today, I will give you a detailed explanation.

TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo, which means real wireless stereo. TWS technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. According to its working principle, it means that the mobile phone connects the main earbuds, and then the main headset quickly connects the secondary headset through wireless way, so as to realize the real Bluetooth wireless separation of left and right channels. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to mono quality. TWS technology is applied to the field of Bluetooth headset, so it also gives birth to a new product - TWS Bluetooth earphone.

What are the characteristics of TWS

1、 Truly wireless for one or two ears

TWS Bluetooth earphone doesn't need wired connection, so it gets rid of the bondage of traditional earbuds cable; the left and right headphones form stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening, calling and wearing. If professional acoustic pickup technology, intelligent noise reduction technology & AI algorithm noise reduction technology are added, the perfect sound experience can be realized: ear wearing voice, video call, music enjoyment, mountain climbing and running, safe driving and so on are not bound

2、 Intelligent noise reduction function

From the point of view of products, noise reduction is an essential technology. Audio and video experience in TWS earphone is the most concerned by users Make complaints about the earbuds, we can design the application scenarios of products, but we can't guarantee that users have been using your products in the scenes you designed. When we dig deep into some products of the industry, we find that many users are too noisy to make complaints about outdoor noise. For example, a product of SONY has been tucking away. The BES50XS series of overseas and overseas airports can not hear the voice transmitted from earphones. We measured the breakpoint of qcy when getting on and off the subway station. These bad user experience greatly reduced the product. At present, China

3、 Semi Intelligence & Intelligence

TWS earphone has experienced the road of semi intelligent headset in the era of crazy development in 2018. Take the intelligent TWS Bluetooth earphone represented by going out to ask for an example. It is not only a different hardware product, but also carries the deep content in app, and immediately becomes an intelligent interactive intelligent product. Similarly, more Bluetooth chip manufacturers have upgraded version 5.0 and embedded serial flash memory, It can be more flexible to upgrade customer software and support third-party software transplantation; it can open its port with the original ecology or content providers (audio content, headline news, health information, financial news, sports information, etc.), and in fact, it has great potential in content. Most of the leading frontline gods have been involved in the field of artificial intelligence and are building their own intelligent ecological chain. Taking Microsoft, Google and Amazon as examples, foreign countries have extended the wireless intelligent voice interaction services of Microsoft Cortana, Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Behind it is a battle for intelligent end users. The representative of the new generation is bailing acoustics gt100 products. Behind it, there is a professional acoustic team working on the forefront of acoustic research and development in the industry. Of course, APP supports the ecological content mentioned above.

Similarly, domestic hardware manufacturers, represented by mobile phone manufacturers, all support their voice assistant. Huawei's TWS supports Xiaoyi in its mobile phone, and Xiaomi's TWS supports Xiaoai, which is particularly important. The era of intelligence has come. Pure hardware is more of a low-end product label, because no one is willing to spend the same money to buy a cheap hardware product. In q3-q4 of 2019, it is predicted that the sales volume of intelligent speaker products + TWS intelligent earphone will increase significantly, which will promote the development of artificial intelligence field.

Why is TWS so popular?

First of all, let's talk about the cable earphone market. According to the industry statistics and professional market research institutions, the cable earphone market is more than 100 billion US dollars every year! With the support of TWS technology, you can say goodbye to all kinds of wired earphones that are constantly cut and can't be sorted out. When you enjoy music, you don't need cables not only between the media source and the earphone, but also between the left and right earplugs! The awkwardness of these years because of the earphone cable is finally about to become history. And I believe that with the upgrading and upgrading of TWS technology, there will be a greater breakthrough in acoustic noise reduction field. Once the total volume of TWS industry breaks through, the cost of chips and solutions will drop. Now the overall cost of the lowest TWS solution in the market is about 60 yuan (according to the most garbage solution, the cost is there, so those more than 20 to 30 yuan) It is expected that in the next two to three years, TWS earphone will become the standard equipment for mobile phone hardware manufacturers.