What kind of experience can we have with headphones made of walnut, cherry and bamboo?


For headphones, it can be regarded as a must for music lovers, and I believe everyone is familiar with it. Although there are many types of earphones, the homogeneity of the design is not enough, and the materials are generally made of plastic or metal. Today, the woodbuds II model wooden earphones I want to share with you all use good walnuts. Made of wood, cherry wood, and bamboo, not only give the headset a simple and mellow appearance, but also prevent the diffusion of sound insulation. In the end, what kind of experience it can bring to us, let me take you to learn more.

Woodbuds II The wooden earphones use a paper packaging box, the front is the actual picture of the earphone and the product name, and the back has a transparent window design, allowing users to directly see the inner earphone.

Woodbuds II wooden earphones have an in-ear design with a simple and mellow appearance. Wood is a common material in speakers. It can effectively reduce resonance and echo, making the sound full and pure, but it is rarely seen in earphones.

Woodbuds II the sound cavity of the wooden earphone is made of sandalwood, and the surface is smooth and round to the touch. Although it looks thick and heavy, the actual weight is only 13g, and it is hardly felt in actual wearing.

The back of the earphone sound cavity adopts the same wood grain design, with retro walnut, cherry wood, and wood bamboo cavity, which looks more fashionable overall. In addition, L and R are printed on the joints of the sound cavity and the wire. The logo can be convenient for users to quickly distinguish when wearing headphones.

The earphone sleeve of the earphone adopts a replaceable design. The manufacturer presented 2 different sizes of earphone sleeves. Choosing the appropriate earphone sleeve can reduce the squeezing feeling caused to the ear and bring a better wearing experience. The earphone sleeve adopts The two-color design of inner infrared gray is more compatible with the wood cavity.

Woodbuds II the wooden earphone cable uses a soft and strong hemp earphone cable. The surface is smooth and shiny, simple and fashionable, and it is not easy to entangle.

The front of the wire control area of the Woodbuds II wooden earphones is equipped with only 1 physical button, one click can realize play/pause, answer/hang up operations, double click to switch to the next song, three clicks to switch to the previous song, and volume is not supported Size adjustment; there is a microphone hole on the back of the wire control area, which is convenient for users to make calls.

Woodbuds II the wooden earphone uses a traditional 3.5mm plug, which is compatible with most current designs. The plug is gold-plated to effectively prevent surface oxidation. Woodbuds II wooden earphones use a 10mm moving coil unit, with an ultra-thin speaker diaphragm and a log sound cavity, which can more effectively block the diffusion of sound insulation, optimize the texture of the middle, high and low frequencies, and restore the most authentic sound.

The woodbuds II wooden earphones were auditioned here. In the song "Hotel California", the sounds of various instruments and live whistles and screams can be clearly expressed, but under the drum sound at the beginning The depth is shallow, the tri-band performance of the headset is relatively balanced, the overall performance is still in line with the price of the headset, and daily use is completely fine.

For the wooden earphones, the wood sound cavity design is adopted, which is more distinctive than other earphones made of plastic and metal materials. It can also effectively prevent the diffusion of sound insulation and bring a better sound quality experience. However, the wood material also has its own shortcomings, that is, the adaptability to complex environments is relatively poor. If you are tired of the current headset products with serious homogeneity in appearance design, you can try this CVC F3 wood Headphones, I believe they can still bring you some different experiences.